Judo is a Japanese grappling based martial art which focuses on throws, takedowns and pins as a means of overcoming and controlling an assailant.
Based on the principle that gentleness can control force, Judo or ‘The Gentle Way’, was designed to not only be an efficient form of self defence but to also improve the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of its practitioners.
At Elements Fitness you can learn the art of Judo in a safe and controlled environment without fear of getting hurt or holding anybody back.
Classes are a mixture of technical drills, practice and judo oriented fitness and are taught by an experienced black belt coach with an emphasis on technical mastery and longevity in the art.
Learn spectacular throws and takedowns.
Modern training, traditional Judo.
Focus on fun, play and personal challenge.
Work with others, not against them.
Improves fitness, strength and flexibility.


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An Elements Membership is $70 per week
Casual Class $40
An Elements Membership includes all of the programs offered at Elements Fitness.