I know, I know.

Why would you check out any other site on the internet when you have access to the fabulous content hosted right here at Elements Fitness? It’s not like you could find porn or anything.

As brilliant as Elements and its coaches are, we are not the be all and end all of martial arts training. Here are the top three martial arts blogs that I read.


Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu started this site as a method of keeping track of her training as she began her foray into Muay Thai but it quickly evolved into a truely honest record of her struggles, trials and successes as she fell in love with the art. This love drove her to move from New York, USA to Pattaya, Thailand and strive to fight 50, then 100 and now, 200 times before returning.

During her time in Thailand her blog further evolved to cover her almost weekly fights, her thoughts surrounding her intense training regime and her experiences as a western woman experiencing and participating in traditional Thai culture.

Check out these posts to get started.

A Short Bio – Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu

Guide to Thailand Muay Thai Gym Etiquette – How to Be Polite

The Art of Sucking – What Matters is Showing Up

So What’s the Big Deal About Women and the Bottom Rope In Thailand?


The Difficult Way

Good Judo blogs – or Jiu Jitsu blogs for that matter – are incredibly hard to find. Mostly they’re a series of posts which flat out describe what the author did in class that week mixed in with highlight videos from YouTube. The Difficult Way is very different which is part of why it’s so sad that this blog is no longer updated.

The Difficult Way is a series of articles which break down and examine the technical, tactical and philosophical underpinnings of Judo in a fashion that is both easy to read and accessible to the Judo layman. I particularly appreciate that everything is extremely practical without devolving into the “how to” section of your local martial arts magazine.

Check out these posts to get started.


Dynamic Delay


Wrestling for Gable

By far the most intriguing martial arts blog I have ever read.

Todd Tarpley trained and competed for the Hawkeye Wrestling Club from 1987 to 1991 and ended up becoming a 2-time Freestyle All-American. His coach was the legendary Dan Gable. During this time he kept a diary – an actual diary that he wrote onto paper with a pen – which he later collated and copied onto a blogspot site and it’s fucking amazing. A genuine insight into what it takes to be an elite competitor when no one but you even thinks you have a chance.

Read this blog chronologically from start to finish.