The Elements Strongman classes are a fun and different training program dedicated to helping you build unmatched strength and fitness while developing your injury prevention skills.

Strongman training challenges your body and mind in a way a that regular training with a barbell cannot. Participants learn to lift Atlas stones, carry a yoke, flip tires, clean and press odd objects such as logs and kegs and perform a variety of other exercises designed to strengthen and prepare the body.

Appropriate for all levels of experience and fitness the Strongman classes at Elements are taught by a knowledgeable, experienced coach who will have you feeling powerful and unbreakable in no time.

Train regularly in the Elements Strongman program and you will develop:

Powerful Legs

A Strong Grip

Huge improvements in overall Strength & Core Stability

And a Bullet Proof Back

Whether you want to compete in Strongman or just experience a different style of training the Elements Strongman program will get you strong for every day in every way.

Class Timetable
Sunday 3pm to 4pm

A Strongman Membership includes all Strongman classes run at Elements.


A Strongman Membership is $25 per week

Personal Training is also available for the Strongman program.


Interested in the Strongman Training program? Contact us today for a FREE one week trial.


All Strongman classes are held at Elements Fitness, 24 Mort Street Braddon.