Functional strength and correct movement is the foundation on which all athletic success is built. Whether you want to take your sporting practice to the next level or just build a body that works better for your everyday life this class will give you an accessible pathway to dramatic strength gains.

Appropriate for all fitness levels the Functional Strength & Power program at Elements Fitness will increase your capacity to master skills, generate power and resist injury.

Each session will consist of plyometric skill work, functional compound lifts for strength and assistance work specific to your needs.

Get there faster by getting it right the first time!

Class Timetable

Tuesday & Thursday 5pm to 6pm & 6pm to 7pm.

Wednesday 12.30pm to 1.30pm & 5pm to 6pm.

Friday 7am to 8am.

Saturday 11am to Noon.


A Strength & Conditioning Membership includes the Strength & Power and Athletic Conditioning programs.


A Strength & Conditioning Membership is $50 per week.


Interested in trying the Functional Strength & Power program? Contact us today for a FREE one week trial.


All Strength & Power Training Sessions are held at Elements Fitness, 24 Mort Street Braddon.