Strength & Conditioning

At Elements our expert coaches are there to help you great results, whatever your fitness goals, in a fun and supportive environment.
Our classes focus on developing fundamental motor patterns to build the attributes of a strong and healthy body and conditioning designed to rev up your metabolism, deliver incredible cardiovascular benefits and improve athletic performance.
The Strength & Conditioning program at Elements Fitness will increase your capacity to master skills, move with power and resist injury. Regardless of your level of fitness your progress will be safe, effective and efficient.
Personal training is available if you require more flexible scheduling or simply want the extra attention that having a personal coach affords.
Feel Better * Move Better * Perform Better 
Strength & Conditioning
Strength & Conditioning

Functional Strength & Power

Functional strength and correct movement is the foundation on which all athletic success is built.
Whether you want to take your sporting practice to the next level or just build a body that works better for your everyday life this class will give you an accessible pathway to dramatic strength gains.
Each session combines the most effective training elements of powerlifting, strongman and modern athletic training to bring balance to the entire physique. The class structure is easily tailored to the needs of the individual, offering the best of both PT and group training.
Get there faster by getting it right the first time!

Athletic Conditioning

 Gain strength, improve recovery and create an athletic physique in a safe, fun and challenging environment.
All exercises and training sessions are scalable to suit your level of fitness and your coach will be on hand to guide and challenge you to get the very most out of every class.
Strength & Conditioning


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An Elements Membership is $65 per week.
Personal Training is also available.
An Elements Membership includes all of the programs offered at Elements Fitness.