Elements Fitness offers personal training for clients of all types with goals of all kinds. Whether you have specific performance oriented goals, need some help rehabilitating an injury or are simply looking to lose some weight, the trainers at Elements Fitness can help.

We provide a complete training system that strikes a balance between performance, health and longevity by integrating sound nutrition, smart training with that extra accountability whenever you need it.

Your trainer will tailor workouts specifically for your current fitness level and progress you at the proper pace. They will be there to keep you safe, keep you motivated and to ensure that you are focussed on the right areas.

Your Personal Coach will guide you through training sessions that are

Safe, Effective & Fun

Tailored specifically for you

Scheduled specifically for you

Guaranteed to help you achieve your personal goals


One off session $100

Ongoing one per week $85 per week

Ongoing twice per week $160 per week

Ongoing three times per week $225 per week.

Semi private sessions will receive a 25% discount per person.


Interested in Personal Training? Contact us today.


All Personal Training Sessions are held at Elements Fitness, 24 Mort Street Braddon.