There are a few changes coming up. 
The first and most obvious change is that we have revamped the website to make it a little more streamlined and easier to navigate. If you have links in your browser to specific pages they should mostly (hopefully) all still work. We are working on short promo for each of the services we offer and these will be posted they are finished. The videos for Wrestling and Muay Thai are already up so feel free to check them out. 
The biggest change is that from now on all of the classes at Elements Fitness are now included under a single membership. 
Anyone on a $50 per week Strength & Conditioning membership and anyone on a $50 per week Martial Arts Membership will be automatically upgraded and able to attend any class. Anyone on a Strongman membership or an older membership has the option of maintaining their old arrangements or upgrading to the new system. 
There are also have a few optional extras available to add onto your base membership such as locker hire, out of class gym access and monthly personal training sessions.
On June 1 the price to this membership will rise to $55 per week for new members or anyone upgrading from an old membership to this new all inclusive offering. This price rise does not affect existing clients. 
If you currently have multiple memberships that should be consolidated into the one membership please email Ben at to make sure your account gets changed over.  Likewise if you have any questions about the new membership please don’t hesitate to contact me. 
We are also adding an additional BJJ class to the timetable. Starting Friday May 10 there will be a No Gi Fundamental BJJ class on Friday nights 6pm to 7pm which will be taught by Coach Damo.
We are also working on a system to make it easier to gain access to the gym outside of class hours. As soon as this is ready to go I’ll let you all know.