“The greatest value lies in following the way and gradually achieving victory.”

– Jigaro Kano, Founder of Judo.

Do not mistake training for competing or competing for fighting.
The purpose of training is to improve.
The purpose of competition is to win.
The purpose of fighting is to survive or protect.

Do your best to spar with technique.
Your purpose in training should be to make yourself more skilful.
Overcoming your training partner with brute force results in little or no improvement and will not prepare you for the day you face someone stronger than yourself.
When it comes to training remember that the way you win is very important.

Sparring without any effort to improve will result in slow progress.
Anyone who is just beginning training aspires to progress and wants to become as good as possible, as quickly as possible.
They lack skill and so they undergo the uncomfortable process of improvement because it is forced upon them.
As skill develops you must choose to go through this process. The choice to put effort into improving greatly determines the rate of your development.

Tailor your goals to your training partner.
When training with someone more experienced than you attack as skilfully as you can and prepare to work on your defence.
When training with someone not as experienced as you attempt your least developed techniques. Allow your partner to attack and endeavour to counter.
When training with someone who has similar experience to you spar as best you can focusing on proper body mechanics, techniques and strategies.

Do not dislike losing.
Winning and losing in training has little to do with learning.
Training with the intent to improve is the basic element of progress.
When you are sparring you and your partner are training together to refine your skills.

Listen to your coach.
Keep in mind the directions and advice your coach and senior training partners have given you.
Take advantage of their experience. Where you are, they have been.
Watch and study them as much as possible when trying to improve and advance.

Give your training partner everything.
Give your best effort to your partner throughout the entire sparring match.
Whether there are three minutes or three seconds remaining in the round you should be working.
Never give up a match half way through because you are disheartened or tired.