The aim of the Crazy Monkey Defense Program is to give everyone the tools they need to feel completely safe, no matter the pressure or situation. Grounded in Western Boxing and built off real world self-preservation experience, the CMD Program is an intelligent modern martial art program that not only coaches functional boxing, kickboxing, and clinch fighting skills that anyone can learn, but also places equal focus on developing your mental game.

We focus on body mechanics, structure, techniques and movement as they apply to the boxing game. While many martial arts styles focus on racking up huge numbers of complex techniques we want you to really understand the foundations that your game will be built on.

At Elements you will have the opportunity to learn:

•A practical defensive structure which means no taking unnecessary shots to the head and no unnecessary headaches.

•How to control range to keep your opponent at bay or close on them safely and effectively.

•Strategies, styles and techniques to suit your personality and game.

•How to build real world self defense confidence in a fun and safe training environment where you are free to make mistakes, learn and discover.

Better still, Crazy Monkey Defense has been specifically designed for the everyday guy and girl. You don’t have to put on a tough guise or be hyper-competitive to be awesome at Crazy Monkey. In fact we will show you why these characteristics are obstacles to true peak martial arts performance.

Characterized by its unique defense, Crazy Monkey will have you feeling completely in control of your training. While most gyms will have you focusing on offense first, at Elements Fitness we take a balanced approach. We teach you to ride the storm and develop confidence with your defence so you can use your offence intelligently. With safety comes confidence and with confidence comes ability to develop.

Our creative coaching solutions and specialised training methodologies allow you to quickly build up your skill and fitness levels in a way guaranteed to be functional and improve your performance on and off the mat.

This program is about more than just learning how to how fight; Crazy Monkey Defense is a true modern martial arts experience. Crazy Monkey honours the life performance philosophy that has always been a part of true martial arts culture. At Elements we honour the past, while moving with the present. Traditional values in martial arts still matter to us and our clients.

The Crazy Monkey Difference –

• Crazy Monkey is a modern martial arts program that works under fire but is also  accessible to anyone, regardless of their physical fitness. 

• Training in the Crazy Monkey Defense program is fun, safe but still personally challenging.

• We train you for success on and off the mat. 

• Training is simple, effective and has a universal application.

Class Timetable

Monday & Wednesday 6pm to 7pm

Tuesday & Thursday (Kickboxing) 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Saturday 9.30am to 10.30am


A Martial Arts Membership includes the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, JudoFreestyle Wrestling and CMD Boxing & Kickboxing programs.


A Martial Arts Membership is $50 per week

Casual Class $30

Private Training is also available for Crazy Monkey Defense.


Interested in trying Crazy Monkey Defense? Contact us today for a FREE one week trial.


All Crazy Monkey Defense Training Sessions are held at Elements Fitness, 24 Mort Street Braddon.