We at Elements Fitness are excited to announce that our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program – Elements Jiu Jitsu – is now affiliated with team Atos.


If you are involved in BJJ in any fashion you’ve probably heard of Andre Galvao and team Atos, but if you haven’t, let me first tell you about a few other things you may have missed: America has a black president, the Macarena is no longer cool and I really recommend not going to see the fourth Indiana Jones movie.

Now, let me fill you in on Atos.

Founded by Ramon Lemos & Andre Galvao in 2008, Atos burst onto the scene taking 5 blackbelt medals at their first World Championships along with a world title in light feather weight division.  Since then they have become known for their continued competition success and their ongoing development of several new positions and techniques including the leg drag, the berimbolo and the 50/50 guard.

Despite being relatively new, the emphasis on building a strong friendly community and utilising effective and modern coaching techniques has resulted in a strong team and a string of dominating competition performances. Now one of the foremost teams in the world the Atos roster includes such luminaries as Rafael & Guilherme Mendes, JT Torres, Keenan Cornelius, Claudio Calasans and many, many more.


Along with Full Metal Jiu Jitsu on the Gold Coast and Arte Suave in Brisbane at the time of writing we are one of only three Atos affiliates in Australia. The Atos motto is “Together We Are Stronger” and we look forward to working with Arte Suave, Full Metal Jiu Jitsu and the rest of Atos to further jiu jitsu in Australia and throughout the world.

If you would find out some more about Atos or would like to see some of our fellow Atos team members in action check out the videos below.

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